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Iron Works/Street Furniture

The term ironwork used in relation to highways maintenance and construction means gulleys (drains), manholes, stop-tap covers, inspection chamber covers, etc. etc. Without the correct setting of manholes covers and gully gratings they will be subject to unnecessary high levels of loading that may be above their design criteria and therefore will be the cause of early failure

Ironwork that has been installed poorly will "move" and settle

To achieve maximum effectiveness with and durability of the ironwork ProEdge ensure it is lifted / installed / bedded in the correct way, poor workmanship in installation is a big cause of ironwork failure.

Ironwork that has been installed poorly will "move" and settle, making the road unsafe, and cause premature failure of the pavement construction / surfacing / overlay.

ProEdge use the latest materials at then installation stage to ensure a lasting finish.

However basic your requirements please do contact us to discuss.

Street Furniture

ProEdges street furniture services can encompass installation, modification, removal, relocation, repair, and maintenance services, according to client requirements. Our road furniture and street furniture services include: